Report on the future of the European Financial Architecture for Development

The European Parliament (EP) has published its report on the proceedings of its workshop on the future of the European Architecture for Development (EFAD). The workshop, held on 7 February and requested by the EP’s Committee on Development (DEVE), was informed by two briefings written by external experts earlier this year, one of whom was ECOPER’s chief consultant, Aitor Pérez.

The publication contains the two briefings and reports on the proceedings of the workshop, during which the authors presented their work and two panels of experts, divided by briefing topic, provided responses. The findings and their implications for the future of the EFAD were then debated by EP Members during open discussions and the reports provides an overview of the debates and the concluding remarks by the EP Development Committee Rapporteur on the EFAD. The first panel focused on an ‘Evaluation of the state of play of the EFAD’ and the findings of the briefing entitled ‘The European Financial Architecture for Development: evolution or revolution?’ by Mikaela Gavas. For the second, the focus shifted to the roles the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Member States’ Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in the EFAD. It was informed by Aitor’s briefing, entitled ‘A new European financial architecture for development: What roles for the EIB, EBRD and member states’ DFIs?’.