Services available from ECOPER revolve around three main axes:

Analysis and evaluation

ECOPER carries out independent assessments on the performance of international cooperation projects and programmes, as well as comparative analyses of national policies and background studies to inform policy design. Our clients include international organizations, cooperation agencies, and NGOs and the analyses contribute to a wide array of topics, including economic development, education, humanitarian aid, governance, gender and culture, always framed under international development agendas such as the SDGs. We have conducted evaluations and analyses in more than 20 countries in North and Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific and Europe.

ECOPER’s evaluation methodology is selected to best provide precise and credible answers to evaluation questions framed under DAC criteria and definitions. To ensure the quality of our work, ECOPER adopts the UN Evaluation Group norms and standards, and integrates a quality controller in every evaluation team. We focus on fact-based analysis and a variety of social science research techniques, including focus groups, interviews and surveys, enabling the triangulation of both qualitative and quantitative evidence. Data collection is facilitated by our experience in online survey platforms, video-conference platforms, internet metrics and big data, along with call centre tools that allow for facilitating and following-up on evaluation informants.

NGO Management

ECOPER offers long-term management consulting services (chiefly to NGOs) that address change processes related to strategy, managerial systems and procedures, accountability, and monitoring & evaluation capacities. The services we provide include the auditing of projects and organisations; support in aligning management systems to donor requirements and making grant applications; and advice in contract management and project design.

Our latest NGO management projects

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While ecoper analyses and evaluations generate knowledge on development processes and such knowledge is applied to NGOs through management consulting services, ecoper’s training activities contribute to further improving and disseminating knowledge across the development community. Ecoper’s work in the area of training includes the design and implementation of training courses for NGO staff; the organization of workshops and seminars; the conducting of research projects in partnership with think-tanks and universities; and the elaboration of academic papers and contributions to academic conferences.

Ecoper also implements knowledge management projects consisting in systematizing knowledge generated through NGO practice and creating methodological guides, virtual libraries and training manuals.

Ecoper’s training activities are supported by a catalogue of online courses, a learning management system combining different types of software and an intensive programme of internal training for ecoper consultants.

Our latest training projects

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