Public-private development partnerships in the Dominican Republic

Public Private Development Partnerships (PPDPs) are recognised as one of the primary means of implementing the international development agenda as framed by the Sustainable Developing Goals. On this topic, CODESPA recently presented the report ‘Institutional, Legal and Socioeconomic Context as a Reference for the Establishment and Promotion of Public Private Development Partnerships in the Dominican Republic’, in which ECOPER collaborated. The study was funded Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and was commissioned ahead of an AECID project which will aim to strengthen the capacities of the Dominican Vice Ministry of International Cooperation in the creation of PPDPs.

Among the study’s aims were the identification of areas of cooperation which would facilitate innovation in the country’s sustainable development process and the identification of partners from the private sector and civil society to participate in the formation of PPDPs. Data was gathered from a wide variety of sources in the public and private sectors, and from civil society and academia using survey, interviews and focus groups.