Following the 2030 Agenda on Twitter

ECOPER’s analysis and evaluation area is adapting artificial intelligence tools in order to gather monitoring indicators for the Sustainable Development Agenda. The aim in doing this is to determine to what extent the ideas of the 2030 Agenda permeate various public policies at the national level and how the activity of certain international actors, such as United Nations agencies, influence this permeability.

As registered Twitter developers, ECOPER analysts access large amounts of tweets and extract indicators on the influence of the 2030 Agenda in different actors, sectors and moments. This exercise in big data analysis is possible thanks to a series of artificial intelligence algorithms that make it possible to extract the key terms from the founding text of the 2030 Agenda, and configure a dictionary to perform automated content analysis. ECOPER currently maintains a general dictionary of the 2030 Agenda which can be applied to monitoring general policy (for example, political parties and their followers on social networks). The team is currently preparing a more targeted dictionary for monitoring policies of investment attraction based on prior collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD.