Cash assistance and its relationship with gender-based violence

The use of cash-based interventions (CBIs) to provide support to vulnerable populations is growing and cash assistance has been found to be effective in contributing to gender-based violence (GBV) risk reduction, mitigation and protection, provided that interventions are adequately designed and implemented. Reflecting this, ECOPER was commissioned by Alianza por la Solidaridad / Action Aid to conduct a study on ‘Cash assistance in Jordan and its relationship with GBV’.

The research, which took place between May and June 2021, aimed to map local and international organisations that provide cash assistance in Jordan, with a particular focus on those targeting GBV survivors. It also aimed to analyse the participation of Jordanian organisations in CBIs; investigate ways of improving CBI management in relation to case management; and detect gaps in CBI management which target women survivors of GBV. Data was gathered through interviews conducted with officials from organisation which provide cash assistance.