Tourism and hospitality TVET tracer study

UNESCO has published an ECOPER report on a tourism and hospitality TVET tracer study in Jordan

Tracer studies are invaluable tools for informing education system reforms, potentially providing rich data for future decision making and planning. This month UNESCO published a ‘Tracer Study of Tourism and Hospitality Vocational Secondary Education in Jordan’, which was conducted by ECOPER under the UNESCO Amman Office Programme ‘Supporting the Government of Jordan in Implementing TVET Reform’.

The tracer study was to contribute to efforts to enhance the image, quality and relevance of Jordan’s tourism and hospitality vocational secondary education by collecting data on graduates’ occupations, in addition to feedback on their education and its relevance from an employability perspective. The importance of such goals is underscored by the significant contribution that tourism makes to the Jordanian economy, as one of the country’s main sectors, and findings that the sector faces several challenges, including some related to the labour market and the qualifications of the workforce. The report concludes with a series of recommendations addressed to the Jordanian Ministry of Education, which are also considered relevant to the design of future UNESCO actions in the framework of the Regular Programme supporting the Government of Jordan in Implementing TVET reform.