Bilbao’s IV Master Plan for International Cooperation

ECOPER has been commissioned to lead the design of the Bilbao Municipal Government’s 4th Master Plan for International Development Cooperation. The design process will be participative and the new plan will reflect the lessons learned during the evaluation of the 3rd Master Plan, which was carried out by ECOPER this year. Workshops will be held …

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Bilbao’s 3rd International Cooperation Master Plan

ECOPER has evaluated Bilbao municipal government’s 3rd International Cooperation for Development Plan covering the years 2016 to 2020. In addition to assessing the extent to which the plan had achieved its aims, the evaluation considered other factors including how well the plan was adapted to the policies, resources and capacities of the municipality; the instruments and processes applied in pursuing its goals; and the impact on and involvement of the city Bilbao and its stakeholders. A key aim was to inform the elaboration of the fourth master plan. Along with the analysis of data and documents, the evaluation included an online survey and focus groups involving cooperation partners; an online survey of citizens of Bilbao; and interviews with Bilbao’s international cooperation team and other actors with knowledge of the plan’s design and execution.