TVET scholarships for refugees and vulnerable youth

ECOPER has completed the external evaluation of the UNESCO project ‘Provision of TVET, On‐ the‐Job Training, and Entrepreneurship Education to Youth Affected by the Syria Crisis in Jordan (Phase III).’ The project sought to support Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian youths who need financial support to access technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and higher education programmes at national institutions in Jordan. The evaluation differed from others in that it was conducted entirely online, owing to the travel restrictions and health measures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, interviews and focus groups with project stakeholders and beneficiaries were conducted via videoconference. Meanwhile, a student satisfaction survey was conducted using an online survey platform, following distribution of the questionnaire by text message. The use of these approaches allowed data to be successfully collected despite the challenges provided by the backdrop.

The evaluated project was funded by the government of the Republic of Korea and implemented by the UNESCO Amman Office in partnership with Luminus Technical University College in Amman. By providing TVET scholarships, the project aimed at improving the employability prospects of its beneficiaries, a cohort of 250 students, therefore contributing to their empowerment, the restoration of hope and a reduction in risk of radicalization. The project was also expected to increase levels of qualified human capital to contribute to the future reconstruction of Syria.